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Greetings! I’m Kimberly, aka the Snooping Anthropologist™. Welcome to my new website—home of the liberty loving Snoop Troop!

As an actress turned anthropologist and teacher, I snoop into the stories that lie hidden behind the scenes of American culture. My primary focus is on Hollywood and education, where I draw attention to unique and intriguing issues that impact people’s lives.

Frankly put, I’m an academic rebel—by today’s politically correct standards, that is. As such, this site aptly reflects my contrarian views. I do what I do because of my principles, and the fact that a lot of PC-minded progressives in Hollywood, education, and government are at war with the very idea of something I hold dear—America. Such destructive and elitist dispositions must be critically addressed if we are to save our freedom and way of life. And so, to this cause I have thrown myself into the fray, if only to help provide a little sanity in a culturally insane world.

What I do is not rocket science. On a personal level, it merely represents my individual journey for truth about the world in which we live. As an anthropologist, my goal is to empower people with knowledge through my teaching, writing, and original ethnographic inquiries into the cultural taboos few others are willing to honestly investigate. Unlike most in my profession, I don’t set out to prove predetermined conclusions in support of ideological convenience. That’s not science, but rather politics under the guise of science. And I, for one, will have none of it. Skullduggery, I say! Monkeyshines!

On my website you’ll find informative and insightful content that often challenges contemporary views. With new content added regularly, the site is intended to serve as an engaging starting point where we can learn, grow, and engage in our country’s cultural discussion, ultimately taking the conversation to social media where it can flourish and inspire others to create a more positive and informed societal change!

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My Journey

I’m one of those people who couldn’t decide on what I wanted to be when I grew up—a professional actresses, an adventurous anthropologist, or school teacher? I wanted to do it all. And so, I did.

My journey began at Central Washington University, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in drama and education in 1991.

Originally, I had set out to become a drama teacher but ended up on the stage and eventually on tour. I also had a growing interest in anthropology, but the cadavers and stench of formaldehyde in my physical anthropology class simply couldn’t compete with the excitement of the theater. Soon, I would be Hollywood-bound and anxious about pursuing an acting career in film and television.

Our Bayliner in Seattle

Our Bayliner in Seattle

With only a year left at CWU, I decided to finally visit Los Angeles. My first stop, of course, was Hollywood’s legendary Walk of Fame. It was a perfect opportunity to find some celebrity’s star bearing the name “Kimberly,” then cover the last name with my foot and have someone take a picture. Ah, those were the days. Although I never did find that star, my trip was more memorable than I could have ever imagined. This was when I agreed to go on a blind-date and ended up meeting my soulmate, a U.S. Marine turned Hollywood actor and stuntman. We married in Seattle eight months later, but only after he mustered the nerve to make an unforgettable marriage proposal as we cruised the Puget Sound at sunset on our new motor yacht. Later that same year, after spending an incredible spring cruising the Pacific Northwest, we returned to Los Angeles.

On Set of Beverly Hills 90210 - Los Angeles

On Set of Beverly Hills 90210 – Los Angeles

Once back in LA, I started training professionally with some of Hollywood’s most respected individuals, like legendary casting director Bobby Hoffman (Happy Days, Mork & Mindy), who took an interest in grooming me for television sitcoms. Soon after, I landed a job for a short while as a stand-in for star Gabrielle Cateris on Fox’s Beverly Hills 90210, the number one show on television at the time. This was a fantastic experience, and it gave me a unique opportunity to learn more about the technical and production aspects of my craft by working with noted directors and a top film crew on a big budget production.

On Set of Lost in the Dust

On Set of Lost in the Dust – Los Angeles

Over the next couple of years, I was cast in various commercials and industrials. I even landed a small roll on the ABC daytime drama General Hospital, where I also worked as a scene partner for one of the stars during script rehearsals—a somewhat surreal experience considering that I grew up watching the show. In addition, I was honored to be cast in the leading role of an independent feature film dealing with the discord of marriage between people of different cultures. Working on this film would prove to be another exceptional experience for me as an actress, as it required performing in almost every scene, day after day, 10 to 12 hours a day, for several weeks. This was much harder than I had expected, but it gave me a sense of reverence for other actors who take on the responsibility of carrying a film with their performance. As you might imagine, life in Tinseltown was very exciting … for a while.

Jack Nicholson & Me

Jack Nicholson & Me

Eventually, I decided I had enough of the pretentiousness of show business, and especially the disrespect shown toward women. That’s when I made the transition from actress to teacher and anthropologist. In 1994, I accepted my first education job as a language arts specialist at a private school while studying anthropology at Santa Monica College. Six months later, I enrolled in the Master of Arts program for anthropology at California State University, Los Angeles, specializing in culture and linguistics. While at CSULA, I was invited to speak at the Southwestern Anthropological Association conference, where I presented a research paper based on my field study about how preschoolers use language to manipulate each other—much like how our politicians do to us today.

Keanu Reeves and Me

Keanu Reeves and Me

During my Master’s program, I became very interested in media and imagery. Shortly thereafter, I coauthored another research paper, this time comparing and contrasting Christian civil rights leader Martin Luther King with Muslim separatist Louis Farrakhan. Needless to say, that one turned a few politically correct heads. In spite of this, and a little head-butting with one of my professors, all my hard work paid off. In my second year I was elected President of CSULA’s Anthropological Society, as well as given a few nice accolades, including an award of “Special Recognition in Graduate Studies” by the School of Natural and Social Sciences. Upon graduation, I was inducted into the prestigious National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

After CSULA, I went on to teach at prominent private institutions across the country, purposely selecting schools I believed provided for a unique teaching experience. This included schools of various political persuasions, educational philosophies, and even sociolinguistic settings, like Hebrew and Russian. These diverse teaching assignments, along with working in select administrative positions such as Committee Chair and Director of Faculty Research, provided me with a wealth of eye-opening insights into the down-and-dirty politics of modern education. Nevertheless, I loved being an educator, and eventually received a great deal of media recognition for incorporating anthropology into the official curriculum at several schools, not to mention a reputation for teaching kids the kind of factual, but forgotten, history and civic lessons most schools today don’t offer. My teaching experience was also not limited to the private sector, having tried my hand for two years at a promising—even patriotic—public charter school. Unfortunately, this only confirmed for me the many reasons why government funded schools are always the pits.

Sailing off the Coast of CA

Sailing My Boat Off the Coast of California

Incredibly, after some years, my earlier Hollywood experience would eventually come full circle and prove to be extremely advantageous as I embarked on my next big adventure—doctoral studies at the University of Connecticut. However, after doubling up on credits, working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, and spending a year on campus reading a lot of boring books that gave misguided praise to Karl Marx, I could hardly stand it anymore. After three universities, I didn’t want my creativity to be further stifled or, worse, come out the other end smelling like a flaming socialist. So, I immediately began to do what any other sane person would do … plot my escape!

Backpacking in N. CA

Backpacking in N. CA

Thankfully, I still had enough entrepreneurial spirit to chart my own course. I created several independent studies that could be completed off-campus, each of which focused on women and media. Returning to Los Angeles, I worked on my studies and laid the groundwork for a new research project on Hollywood actresses and casting directors. During this time, I also taught school and worked as a Graduate Research Assistant on a major study done in association with the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles County Women’s Hospital. Coincidentally, this is the very same hospital that became the iconic image for the opening of ABC’s General Hospital, which is the same television show I had briefly worked on as an actress a few years earlier. Go figure!

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers – Los Angeles

Upon receiving my Ph.D. after several more years of grueling work, my doctoral research became the largest ethnographic field study of it’s kind ever done on the Hollywood film industry. This quickly afforded me a formal speaking engagement at the University of Connecticut. For me, it was a fitting way to end an academic odyssey to which I had spent so much of my life.

Interestingly, it was while I was working on my doctoral study that a casting director I was interviewing lightheartedly referred to me as the “snooping anthropologist,” an obvious social rank of sorts some in Hollywood had venomously bestowed upon me for asking so many provocative questions. Needless to say, the nickname stuck. As for the research itself, it became the basis for my new book that is soon to be published, which offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood’s social politics from the vantage point of working actresses, distinguished film and television casting directors, and other respected industry professionals.

My Sailboat Near Catalina Island

My Sailboat at Catalina Island

Years in the making and representing one of the most fascinating and consequential investigations ever done on Hollywood, the book chronicles my journey deep into the heart of Tinseltown, far beyond the myths and gossip, to expose one of the biggest scandals in its history and tell the shocking truth behind what industry insiders refer to as a social engineering scheme intended to affect American culture for generations. In short, it shows not only how Hollywood views America, but more importantly how Hollywood plans to make America view itself! Given our nation’s current sociopolitical unraveling, it is a timely book that I believe will significantly change people’s perspective about just how damaging today’s media, and Hollywood in particular, can be to America.

Jack & Me on a Road Trip

On a Road Trip

In addition to my book, I have written many articles that have been published in print and online, including for sources such as American Thinker, The Federalist, and Christian Post. And now, of course, you can look forward to future posts on my new blog!

Today, when I’m not writing or snooping into important issues in American culture, I’m usually hanging out with my husband enjoying almost anything outdoors, especially boating, camping, and hiking. In short, enjoying life—as we all should!