Actress Kerry Washington’s ‘Fragile’ Personhood Hypocrisy

By Kimberly Bloom Jackson

Few things turn Americans off more than when a minority Hollywood elitist takes to the microphone and whines about how unfair and racist America is, especially after they just left their multi-million dollar home and were transported to the event in a luxurious limousine.

Actress Kerry Washington

Enter actress Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope, one of the main characters on the ABC television drama Scandal. Recently, Washington was honored at an ACLU Southern California Bill of Rights Awards Dinner. But don’t let the “Bill of Rights” thing fool you. The beauty of this kind of propaganda is that it allows the Left to masquerade as the moral defenders of our liberty, while at the end of the day not really being interested in defending all individuals, or even all liberties.

Washington was introduced by MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, whose opening remarks began with three words: “Black Lives Matter.” This set the tone for Washington’s big racist America speech complete with personal lamentations:

“The fact that my very personhood as an African-American, as a woman, as a granddaughter of immigrants, as a kid from the Bronx, the fact that my personhood is still so fragile in this country—that I feel how fragile my personhood is, that my daughter’s personhood, that the personhood of so many of my loved ones is still so fragile—it’s heartbreaking to me.”

This is, to put it bluntly, nauseating to the rest of us. For starters, Washington purports to see herself as a victim in a racist nation. This shouldn’t be completely surprising given how the racial grievance industry has been whipped up to a full froth, particularly in the media and across college campuses. As for Washington, she attended George Washington University.

Then there’s Washington’s racially obsessed show, Scandal. It’s creators thought it would be appropriate to take the real-life Fergusson case and turn it completely on its head. What aired was a 100 percent fantasy version where a racist, white cop fatally shoots an innocent unarmed black teen. To enhance its irresponsible political messaging, some in the media have even dubbed it the “Black Lives Matter” episode. As for Washington, MRC Newsbusters reported that she and show creator Shonda Rhimes retweeted actress Marika Dominczyk who said, “It would be awesome if this was real life.” Shamefully, it’s like saying, Yeah, if this really happened, we could say we were right about race. Hmm … Sounds like hate speech to me.

But it’s Washington’s narrow vision of “fragile” personhood that exposes her as a true Hollywood hypocrite. How? Scandal recently aired a bombshell winter finale that featured Washington’s character, Olivia Pope, having a surprise abortion. The actual abortion scene was part of a montage that included another scene of a man being executed as the Christmas hymn “Silent Night” played in the background. During the montage, viewers could also hear a voiceover monologue delivered by Eli Pope, Olivia’s father, who at one point characterized family as “a pressure point, soft tissue, an illness, an antidote to greatness.” The episode ends with a content Olivia having a glass of wine as “Ava Maria” plays in the background.

Planned Parenthood loved it, Tweeting: “Thanks to @Shondarhimes for standing with Planned Parenthood & for being groundbreaking creator! #Scandal #StandWithPP.” And once again, Washington took to Twitter trumpeting to the world her support for Planned Parenthood: “#ProudFeministTweet I stand with @PPFA in the fight against the attacks on women and our repro health freedom. #StandwithPP.”

I wonder if Washington is aware of Planned Parenthood’s history? Does she realize that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was the one who initiated The Negro Project, a sterilization program designed to eliminate black babies in an effort to control the black population? Is she aware that in 2012 there were more black babies aborted (31,328) in NYC, than were born there (24,758)? If Washington wants to talk about “fragile” personhood,” why exclude the most vulnerable and fragile of humans?

It’s ironic that liberals will call pro-lifers racists who don’t care about women’s “reproductive rights.” And those who say “all lives matter” are also deemed racists, even shouted down and smeared. These are the twisted tactics of the real racists—a new breed of totalitarians who easily come unhinged at any ideological dissent. As for Kerry Washington, she certainly lives in a bubble of double-standards, just like so many other self-admiring Hollywood elitists. Maybe one day, for Hollywood’s sake and all those who work there, that bubble will pop. But I fear, until then, things will likely get a lot worse.

Still, Leftist propaganda at the ACLU “Bill of Rights” Awards Dinner wouldn’t be complete without a good dissing of America’s founding fathers, followed by showers of praise at how the ACLU is the true defender of liberty:

“When they wrote the words ‘We the People’ so many of us were invisible to them. And if we are honest about the fight that is going on every single day at the ACLU, there are forces at work that want so many of us to remain invisible, but we won’t allow it.”

So what does the ACLU do that’s so wonderful? Says the actress:

“The truth of what the ACLU does is that you fight to make this country accountable to its own vision. You fight for human beings to be seen as human. Not three-fifths a person. Not the ‘lesser sex.’ Not ‘illegal.’ Or ‘alien.’ Or ‘wrong.’ Or ‘sinful.’ Or ‘unworthy.’”

In spite of Washington’s complete lack of understanding and purpose of the Constitution’s three-fifths clause, we’ll leave that for now. But what about the 323,999 abortions committed by Planned Parenthood in 2014? Could they not fit somewhere in this definition of a human?

Washington concluded her speech with a disclaimer about her privileged lifestyle:

“This is personal. This is about me and my fellow human beings, being seen as fully human, as equal. And it doesn’t matter about how many seasons of a television show I’m on, or how many awards I win, or how many best-dressed lists I appear on, I am in danger of not feeling human in my own country because of who I am.”

It’s hard to imagine how anyone in Kerry Washington’s position can go through life feeling so “fragile” and “in danger of not feeling human.” It’s just not a good sympathy talking point for someone who is attractive and talented, not to mention sporting a vibrant television and film career. In short, she has attained a lifestyle that most people only dream about—and yet it was all made possible right here in the good old USA.

Now, instead of wallowing in self-pity, perhaps she should consider expanding her own vision of a “person.”

This article was originally published at Patriots Post.

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