Welcome to my Articles page. Below is a select list of articles that have appeared in news print and online. While some titles were published before Snooping Anthropologist was created, you will see familiar ones that are currently posted at SA. However, given the latter has gained some special traction outside SA, I have conveniently listed them here for easy access. Please note that these links will take you directly to the source where the article was originally published. As always, feel free to check back here for the latest.

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Bullet Image 24x24pix 72dpiCasting Nancy Drew: No Whiteys, Please!

Bullet Image 24x24pix 72dpiAre White Oscar Nominees Worthy?

Bullet Image 24x24pix 72dpiStill in Denial: Three Years After Sandy Hook

Bullet Image 24x24pix 72dpiIntolerant Jennifer Lawrence Insults Her Audience

Bullet Image 24x24pix 72dpiPolicing Culture at the University of Washington

Bullet Image 24x24pix 72dpiThought Police at the University of Missouri

Bullet Image 24x24pix 72dpiBullies and Cattle

Bullet Image 24x24pix 72dpiChildren Deserve to Be Defended

Bullet Image 24x24pix 72dpiHow Would We Know We Were Racist if the Left Wasn’t There to Help Us?

Bullet Image 24x24pix 72dpiWho Says Public Schools Don’t Have Prayer?