This video by Reason provides further evidence of the pathetic state of higher education as it shows students exercising their right to free speech regarding indiscriminate “micro-aggressions” that will in turn limit their right to free speech.

Four Centuries of American Education

Four Centuries of American Education (Aledo, TX: Wallbuilder Press, 2004)

From Back Cover:

America is now entering its fifth century of educating students. Throughout the first four centuries, impartation of three essential elements – religion, morality, and knowledge – was the core of the education system that produced some of the world’s greatest leaders in areas from science and government to theology and jurisprudence. In recent decades, however, the secularization of education has become the new American paradigm; and statistics clearly demonstrate that the more secular American education becomes, the less successful it is academically.

Four Centuries of American Education examines education both past and present. Learn about some of Americas greatest educators and textbooks, and discover what long made America a world leader in education. The remarkable history in this book will both challenge and inspire readers of all ages.

Witness how Otterbein University students use intimidation tactics on a pro-life group called Created Equal in an attempt to control and even silence their right to free speech. The pro-lifers are described as “militant” by Otterbein’s Student Government leaders, but in fact it’s at least one Otterbein student who we see exhibiting actual physical aggression toward the pro-lifers. Watch this video from 10TV News for more.

Neil Cavuto gives an economic lesson to Keely Mullen, a young socialist organizer of the Million Student March. You won’t believe what these clueless, self-absorbed brats are demanding.

Just in case you haven’t seen this video, it’s worth taking a look and sharing it with your favorite low information voter, many of whom are clearly wasting their time and money getting what they think is an honest education.