Democrats Have Rigged Elections For 150 Years!

By Kimberly Bloom Jackson

Come hook or crook, Democrats are desperately trying to set up for a big win on November 8. Like many people, I’m suspicious of them. They have a bigger reputation of committing voter fraud, intimidation, and even downright violence than any other political party in America. But did you know their desperate schemes date back to at least the 1860s? Unfortunately, this is another one of those history lessons most of us never learned in school. Today, anyone who dares to utter the words “rigged election,” is publicly attacked as “right-wing conspirators.” This is suppose to silence us from doing our civic duty of making sure our elections have integrity. Meanwhile, the real conspirators just keep on riggin’ full steam ahead.

Of Course, He Wants To Vote The Democratic Ticket

Today, we’re becoming more aware of some of the back room shenanigans that Democrats and their political operatives have been up to all along, thinking most Americans would never find out. Oops!

Mass Voter Fraud & Poll Manipulation
In a series of explosive videos, investigative journalist James O’Keefe and his undercover Project Veritas team take us behind-the-scenes of the Democratic Party’s vast secret network of nefarious dealings.

The videos shine light on two important players, Robert Creamer and Scott Foval. Creamer is the co-founder of Democracy Partners, a political consulting group that Project Veritas shows contracts directly with the Clinton campaign and the DNC, as well as works with a variety of super PACs. Interestingly, Creamer is also a convicted felon, yet he has been to the White House 350 times and has met with President Obama 42 times.

Scott Foval, is the national field director for Americans United for Change and founder of the Foval Group, which contracts with Creamer’s Democracy Partners. Supposedly, Creamer and Foval have been fired from their positions following the release of the damning videos.

Let’s take a look at just a fraction of the corruption that has been exposed.

In Video 2, Foval boasts to an undercover investigator about how Democrats have successfully committed mass voter fraud in key swing states. “We manipulated the vote with money and action, not with laws,” says Foval. “It’s a pretty easy thing for Republicans to say, ‘Well, they’re bussing people in.’ Well, you know what? We’ve been bussing people in to deal with you f***ing a***oles [Republicans] for fifty years and we’re not going to stop now. We’re just going to find a different way to do it.”

Foval even divulges cunning details about how out-of-state individuals, including illegal aliens, are hired by fake “shell companies” so they can register to vote as a Democrat wherever they’re needed. “Cars come in from one company, the paychecks come from another,” he explains. “There’s no bus involved, so you can’t prove that it’s en masse, so it doesn’t tip people off.”

Their schemes are apparently working. Just look at all the alarming reports of active voter fraud, especially in the critical swing states. In Virginia, for example, the Public Interest Legal Foundation recently uncovered evidence of voter fraud and, worse, state elections officials are turning their noses up to the whole thing. Here are just a few key findings:

  • Official voting records have revealed that more than 1,046 non-citizens had registered to vote illegally.
  • The most alien votes were cast in 2012, followed by 2008, the year President Obama was elected to his first term.
  • When the voting history of this small sample of alien registrants is examined, nearly 200 verified ballots were cast before they were removed from the rolls. Each one of them is likely a felony.

The investigation was based on just eight of Virginia’s counties. It didn’t even include larger Arlington or Fairfax Counties, clearly showing that voter fraud committed by illegal aliens and other non-citizens in Virginia is massive!

Then there’s Harrisonburg County where Andrew Spieles, a college student and Democrat, reportedly admitted to registering as many as 19 dead people in the 2016 election cycle. Word has it, local officials and the FBI are planning to investigate this little twerp. Whew! I feel better already.

In Colorado, a CBS4 investigation found that dead people still love to cast ballots. Like Virginia, reporters were greeted with the typical official snubbing of sorts by election gate-keepers and bureaucrats. Nevertheless, there’s one amazing story that sums up Colorado’s corrupt election environment. Colorado Springs resident Sara Sosa died in 2009. However, CBS4 unearthed voting records that showed ballots cast in Sosa’s name in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Her husband, Miguel, died in 2008, and yet records prove that a vote was cast in his name the next year, 2009.

Perhaps this report from the Pew Charitable Trust can put into perspective the state of our elections:

  • Approximately 24 million—one of every eight—voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.
  • More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters.
  • Approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.

Is it just me or has the United States become a hotbed for voter fraud?

In addition, there’s the infamous “Podesta Emails” complements of Wikileaks. Among the emails is a handy 37-page guide replete with recommendations on how to “manufacture” desired polling results, such as showing Democrats with double-digit leads. This is largely accomplished through oversampling various groups that typically vote Democrat. The goal is to create a perception that dispirits and suppresses Republican turnout.  This sentiment was captured by Robert Creamer in Stand Up Straight! How Progressives Can Win (2007), a tactical book he wrote while in prison.

Creamer writes that the “strategic goal” is “to demoralize [Republicans]—to ‘deactivate’ them. We need to deflate their enthusiasm, to make them lose their ardor and above all their self- confidence… We must isolate them ideologically… Then they begin to quarrel among themselves or blame each other for defeat in isolation, and that demoralizes them further.”

Democrats’ History: Voter Fraud
When Scott Foval boasted that Democrats have been committing voter fraud “for 50 years,” he obviously doesn’t know the history of his own party. In reality, Democrats have been rigging elections for at least 150 years!

Some of the most dramatic examples at rigging elections occurred in the 1860s, shortly after the Republican Party was formed as an oppositional force to the pro-slavery Democratic Party. Voters took notice and in 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected President along with a Republican congress. This infuriated the Democrats, especially southern Democrats who left Congress and took their states with them to form what officially became known as The Slaveholding Confederate States of America.

Meanwhile, Republicans continued pushing their civil rights agenda.  Take, for example, the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution that officially abolished slavery in 1864.  Of the 118 Republicans in Congress (House and Senate) at the time, all 118 voted in favor of the legislation, while only 19 of 82 Democrats voted likewise.  Then there’s the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments guaranteeing rights of citizenship and voting to black males.  Not a single Democrat voted in favor of either the Fourteenth (House and Senate) or Fifteenth (House and Senate) Amendments!

Needless to say, the Republican Party was the party of choice for blacks. That’s why so many black men were elected to public office at that time—all as Republicans! For example, 42 blacks were elected to the Texas legislature, 112 in Mississippi, 190 in South Carolina, 95 representatives and 32 senators in Louisiana, and many more elected in other states. Democrats didn’t elect their first black American to the U.S. House until 1935!

By 1875, Republicans, both black and white, had worked together to pass over two dozen civil rights bills.  Unfortunately, their momentum came to a screeching halt in 1876 when the Democratic Party took control of the U.S. House.

But the real scuttlebutt was the presidential race between Republican Rutherford B. Hayes and Democrat Samuel Tilden. Hayes had received 165 of the electoral votes and Tilden 184. The magic number to win was 185 votes, but there were a total of 20 votes in dispute from Florida, South Carolina, and Louisiana. Each of the three states showed two different winners. How could this be? Cheating.

Hell bent on preventing blacks from voting and being elected to office, Southern Democrats devised nearly a dozen shady schemes, like requiring literacy tests, misleading election procedures, redrawing election lines, changing polling locations, creating white-only primaries, and even rewriting state constitutions.  Talk about disenfranchising black voters!

To register additional voters, Democrats also took names from cemetery headstones and then cast fraudulent votes in the names of dead people. To top it off, it was discovered that Tilden’s campaign had actually bribed election officials in the three disputed states. By keeping blacks from voting Republican and by altering counts, Democrats could claim they were the winners. However, Republicans counted the black votes and invalidated the fraudulent ones before declaring themselves the winner. In the end, Congress formed a commission to investigate the contested election. Democrats were found to have rigged elections through various means. Republican Rutherford B. Hayes became president and Democrats had a meltdown.

Voter Intimidation & Violence
You may recall during the second presidential debate that Hillary Clinton said she wanted to “overcome the divisiveness that sometimes sets Americans against one another.” Unfortunately, it’s her own Party dividing America and blaming the opposition.

For example, in Project Veritas Video 1 it captures how democrats have plotted to incite violence at Trump rallies in order to create a perception of “anarchy” around the candidate, a tactic called “bird-dogging.” Incredibly, this has involved paying illegal aliens, the mentally ill, and even the elderly to infiltrate rallies and pick fights. “And we get it on tape,” exclaims Foval.

And who is the grand wizard behind such evil doings? Robert Creamer no less. Keep in mind, however, that Scott Foval is contracted by Creamer’s Democracy Partners. “The campaign pays the DNC, DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval Group, Foval Group goes and executes the sh*t on the ground,” Foval explains.

If this sounds too crazy to be true, Wikileaks revealed that bird-dogging was approved by Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook in a July 4, 2015 email. There was also a DNC plan to cite “incidences of violence” in order to create the perception that “Trump is dangerous and divisive.”

Democrats’ History: Political Gangs With Pointy Hoods
Returning to the mid-1860s, the Republican Party’s alliance with blacks had caused a noticeable strain on the Democrats’ struggle for electoral significance in the post-Civil War era.  This prompted the Democratic Party in 1866 to develop a new political action group—the Ku Klux Klan—whose sole purpose was to help gain control of the electorate.

This political relationship was nationally solidified shortly thereafter during the 1868 Democratic National Convention when former Civil War General Nathan Bedford Forrest was honored as the KKK’s first Grand Wizard.  But don’t bother checking the Democratic National Committee’s website for proof.  For many years, even up through the 2012 Presidential Election, the DNC had omitted all history from 1848 to 1900 from their timeline—half a century worth! Now, for the 2016 election cycle, they’ve scratched even more history.  While claiming to have fought for civil rights for over 200 hundred years, the DNC conveniently jumps past more than 100 years of American history!

Nevertheless, this sordid history is still well documented.  There’s even a thirteen-volume set of Congressional investigations dating from 1872 detailing the Klan’s connection to the   Democratic Party.  The official documents, titled Report of the Joint Select Committee to Inquire Into the Condition of Affairs in the Late Insurrectionary States, irrefutably proves the KKK’s prominent role in the Democratic Party.

One of the most vivid examples of collusion between the KKK and Democratic Party was when Democrat Senator Wade Hampton ran for the governorship of South Carolina in 1876.  The Klan activated a battle plan to help Democrats win, stating: “Every Democrat must feel honor bound to control the vote of at least one Negro by intimidation….  Democrats must go in as large numbers…and well-armed.”  An issue of Harper’s Weekly that same year illustrated this mindset with a depiction of two white Democrats standing next to a black man while pointing a gun at him.  At the bottom of the depiction is a caption that reads: “Of Course He Wants To Vote The Democratic Ticket!”

This is reminiscent of the 2008 Presidential election when members of the New Black Panther Party hung out at a Philadelphia precinct wielding big batons.  Curiously, in 2012, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney received 0 votes in 59 voting areas within the city.

As for the Klan, its primary mission was to intimidate Republicans—black and white. In South Carolina, for example, the Klan even passed out “push cards”—a hit list of 63 (50 blacks and 13 whites) “Radicals” of the legislature pictured on one side and their names listed on the other.  Democrats called Republicans radicals not just because they were a powerful political force, but because they allowed blacks to participate in the political process.

There were also lynchings, but not what you might think. According to the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, between 1882 and 1964 an estimated 3,446 blacks and 1,279 whites were lynched at the hands of the Klan.

Today, the Democratic Party no longer needs the help of political gangs wearing pointy hoods to do their dirty work.  Instead, they do it themselves.  You may recall the case of black Tea Party activist Kenneth Gladney, who was brutally beaten by two SEIU members during a 2009 health care town hall meeting. In February 2011, a union thug with Communications Workers of America was caught on tape physically assaulting a young female FreedomWorks activist in Washington, DC. Then in 2012, Michigan Education Association President Steve Cook jumped on the protest bandwagon against the state’s new right-to-work legislation stating, “Whoever votes for this is not going to have any peace for the next two years.”  An even worse threat was issued on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives the next day by Democratic Representative Douglas Geiss who charged, “There will be blood!”

Clearly, Democrats haven’t strayed far from their roots.

Donald Trump has been saying the “system is rigged.” Obviously, he has a point. However, in another desperate attempt to create a perception that Republicans are up to no good, the DNC has recently filed a lawsuit against the RNC. Why? Trump’s comments supposedly suppress voters who fear being watched. Democrats say they want to “ensure ballot integrity” alleging the “intimation of minority” voters. Absurd, I know. In reality, they’re afraid that Trump’s free speech is going to interfere with their corruption.