Dems Own Guns, Too? Whoopty-Doo!

By Kimberly Bloom Jackson

This is the perfect reply to anyone who tries to suggest that Democrats who own guns are somehow praiseworthy supporters of gun rights. The reply comes from Mark Walters, who writes a column for Concealed Carry Magazine, which I highly recommend to anyone who carries, or is thinking about carrying, a firearm. Learn more at United States Concealed Carry Association.

Duh ... Dems Own Guns, Too.

Hey Mark! Dems Own Guns, Too (July 2014 Issue)

To Mark Walters:

I own guns. Carry guns. Hell, I live in Kansas and we have one of the country’s best set of gun laws.

Do you think a Democrat cannot be a supporter of gun rights or that we don’t carry guns? Do you think we are all a bunch of wimps?

Can Democrats be good supporters of the 2nd Amendment? Or does just being a Democrat mean we are evil and not capable of carrying a gun?

How does Obamacare impact your gun rights? It doesn’t. The hatred of Obama seems to be more of a personal thing for people like you. A hatred not backed by logic but just anger. I assume you never read these emails, but I wish there was a gun forum or magazine that dealt with gun rights only and was not just another right-wing haven.

Gary, Via Email

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Hi Gary,

So you’re a Democrat who owns guns. Big deal. Woo-hoo and pass the chips!

Lots of Democrats like guns and I’m happy about that. The problem I have is with people who claim to be “a supporter of gun rights” while voting for members of the party most closely aligned with gun control. You can’t talk out both sides of your mouth.

Last I checked, CT, NY, CO, MD, IL (Chicago), DC, CA—as well as every gun control group—are in bed with or run by Democrats. (In fact, the reason your state has some of the best gun laws is because it isn’t controlled by your party!)

In my opinion, a real “supporter of gun rights” sees his RKBA as THE defining issue of American freedom. You apparently haven’t arrived there yet. You clearly align yourself with a party hostile to gun rights because you believe there are other social issues more important than your firearms freedoms.

I say you can’t be a real “supporter of gun rights” and support the worst gun grabbers in history. What you can be is what you are: a Democrat who likes guns. You put other issues ahead of gun rights. Own it.

Mark Walters

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