Rob Pincus' Combat Focus Shooting Class

Rob Pincus’ Combat Focus Shooting Class

I finally took Rob Pincus’ Combat Focus Shooting class last summer. To be honest, I was a little nervous at first. That’s because Combat Focus Shooting goes beyond just shooting at a stationary paper target, where people stand and take their sweet time shooting at the bullseyes. If only the bad guys who seek to lethally harm us would be as still as the typical paper target.

Luckily, Pincus’ intuitive shooting class can better prepare us for a dynamic critical incident in the real world. His classes are very “hands-on” and “minds-on,” complete with shooting (with and without sights), holstering/re-holstering, loading/reloading, and lots of lateral movement, all while under the influence of multiple stimuli. In other words, it wasn’t comfy like a standard shooting range. This is precisely how my skills were taken to the next level. In fact, the class was so good, I plan to take it again in the future.

To experience this potentially life-saving training for yourself, contact Combat Focus Shooting for more information.