Seeds of Evil: College Students Embrace Killing Jews

By Kimberly Bloom Jackson

Just when we thought college students couldn’t sink any lower into the depths of mindless Marxian goo, this shocking video pops up. It reveals one of the most unthinkable acts known to humankind, which is why it’s so hard to image how these sensitive “safe spacers” could financially support such a thing.

What is it? Students of Portland State University shown are willingly donating money to “American Friends for Hamas” whose mission is to help fund terrorists and “wipe Israel off the map”—or so they think. That’s because filmmaker Ami Horowitz fabricated the whole set up just to see if students would really give money after being explicitly told it would go to helping kill Jews. And they did! As one student put it, “I’ve been learning about this in school and I’m happy to help you.”

This sounds like something straight out of Hitler’s Germany. Why haven’t these students been arrested?

When law enforcement surveils a pedophile chatting on the Internet with who he thinks is a 12-year-old and then proceeds to try to meet that child in person, he’s immediately arrested. Similarly, murder for hire is also a felony even without the crime having been committed. In these examples, and there are many others, individuals are arrested because of criminal intent, means to commit the crime, and initiation of contact. Can you imagine what would happen if law enforcement told the community that they have to wait until after all heinous crimes have been committed before they are investigated?

Nevertheless, in this instance, I doubt even one student will be expelled from school, let alone go to jail. Meanwhile, we have elementary schools across the country enforcing their zero tolerance policy by suspending 6 and 7-year-olds whenever they make finger guns or chew pop tarts into pistols. Talk about zero common sense.

To me, all of this is about normalizing the absurd. Just look around. American culture is so upside-down that men can pee in women’s restrooms, but God forbid we should say something on a forbidden word list because it might be offensive. It’s also a felony to step on an eagle’s egg, but legal to abort a baby in the name of women’s “reproductive rights.” And then there’s the millions of people who have been encouraged to enter the U.S. illegally to reap all the benefits our tax dollars can buy as our own military heroes continue to be neglected. Here’s a newsflash: A culture can’t survive standing on it’s head!

As for the students of Portland State University, they didn’t just wake up one day as evil people. Those seeds of evil have been sown for a very long time, beginning in grade school and reaching full bloom while attending their present institution of “higher learning.” Chances are, there are many more would-be funders of terrorism just like them.

Perhaps the next time mindless college students feel the need to donate money to help a terrorist organization, it just might be the real thing.

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