April is Whiteness History Month?

By Kimberly Bloom Jackson

Portland Community College “values diversity,” says Dean of Student Instruction Craig Kolins. That’s why the college has dedicated the entire month of April to whiteness, complete with over 100 scheduled events.

Unfortunately, Mr. Kolins isn’t a very good PR person, as he had some serious difficulty defining whiteness when interviewed by a reporter. After first suggesting it was “not based on race; it’s a social-organizational construct,” he eventually resorted to the usual PC approach of self-loathing:

“I think that as a person with privilege, as a white male, I experience the world very differently than people of color, and so it’s my awareness of that, how I interact with the world, how people interact with me, so I guess that’s an example of how whiteness affects everyone.”

Finally, the reporter asked why a Whiteness History Month? According to the good Dean, it’s “an opportunity to dialogue about some of the tensions that’s created because of the societal pressure of whiteness.” When asked for specifics, Dean Kolins simply said there were “racist situations.” Again, the reporter pressed for some concrete examples. However, after another four minutes had passed it was clear, Mr. Kolins was incapable of providing even one.

This begs the question: Is white racism so raging that it requires a Whiteness History month or is this just another progressive attempt to keep negative race relations alive and well during an election cycle? The answer should be obvious and Dean Kolins should be embarrassed.

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