2016: Intolerables vs Deplorables

By Kimberly Bloom Jackson

The 2016 election was about the direction of America. The battle was a spectacular culture clash dominated by two groups. On one side were the Intolerables, made up largely by the Left’s complex of academia, news media, and entertainment bent on propagandizing intolerance and division. On the other side stood the “Deplorables,” as Hillary Clinton unaffectionately called them, millions of hard working Americans who supported Donald Trump.

Intolerables vs Deplorables

The Deplorables fought hard and won. And the Intolerables spontaneously combusted!

There are now so many embarrassing images of mindless emotionalism, dysfunction, and lack of self-control littering the American landscape, it’s become the new norm. Nevertheless, we must remember 2016 as the year that exposed the deranged Intolerables for who they really are. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Half-Witted Campus Radicals: Ever since institutions of higher learning have morphed into shameful grievance industries where identity politics, victimhood, and political correctness have flourished, so have we seen more division, anger, and hatred across America. Unfortunately, many students wear their victimhood as an uncommon badge of honor. They see themselves as innocent and everyone else is out to get them.

Now, with Trump having won the presidency, their hysterics have reached a whole new psychosomatic level.

Students across the nation have expressed feeling threatened and unsafe with a President-elect Trump. To help them cope, staff have organized everything from “cry-ins” and counseling to hot cocoa and puppy petting. Some students have even worn safety pins to signal that they’ve physically offered themselves as a “safe space” for others.

But don’t let sensitive safe spacers fool you. Some have become violent vulgarians who destroy property and attack people they disagree with. Professors have also stoked the flames of hatred with their anti-Trump tirades. Case in point is Olga Perez Stable Cox, who called Trump’s win “an act of terrorism.” Luckily, the incident was caught on video and some students are using it to fight back.

Unfortunately, violence targeting Deplorables are almost never reported by the liberal media. Instead, they report “fake news” like the young Muslim student who claimed she was physically assaulted by two white men, one in a “Trump” hat. Later, she admitted to fabricating the hate crime. According to Dave Huber, who tracks campus politics for The College Fix, there has been an increase in hoaxes that portray Deplorables as violent and racist.

Is it just me or has the radical Left just reached the apex of mental illness?

2. Liberal News Media: Trump’s victory sends a clear message that the liberal news media is officially worthless. Not only are they completely out of touch with America, they have been caught red-handed colluding with the DNC and the Clinton campaign in an effort to manipulate the election. Now, since Hillary lost, they want us to believe the Russians did it––worse yet, Trump and Putin were in cahoots on the whole thing! I find this funny given conspiracy theories are only supposed to be served up in conservative flavors.

From the beginning, the liberal media intentionally held back news stories critical of Hillary Clinton. Then came the infamous Podesta emails, compliments of WikiLeaks, that exposed Politico’s Glenn Thrush getting his stories approved by Clinton staffers before being published. Other emails revealed that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer tasked the DNC to create questions for his interview with Trump, while still another email showed CNN leaked debate questions to the Clinton campaign in advance.

Incredibly, the media Intolerables have now pledged to keep an eye out for fake news stories. Spooky man George Soros will fund the effort and liberal elites will decide on what we should hear. In other words, under the guise of their own fake news networks, fake watchdogs will endeavor to marginalize objective news they disapprove of.

In short, media elites have tried to manipulate the election and now they are desperately hoping to delegitimize it because they lost. They are absolutely dumbfounded how Trump beat Hillary. Above all, they resent Trump’s ability to take his messages directly to the people, thereby bypassing the liberal news media and delegitimizing them.

3. Entertainment Industry: Remember when celebrities threatened to leave the U.S. if Trump won the presidency? Perhaps this motivated some voters to pull the lever for Trump. Either way, it appears that most everyone has decided to stay. Even Cher cancelled her plans to move to Jupiter.

Still, the election results shocked many limousine liberals into emotional distress. From Miley Cyrus sobbing on social media to Jennifer Lawrence’s open letter to female Clinton supporters “Don’t Be Afraid, Be Loud,” it was an American first to be sure. Then there’s Katy Perry who, in revenge for Hilary’s loss, Tweeted “The Revolution is Coming.” Sorry, Katy, I think you missed it.

And who can forget actor Brandon Dixon who stood on stage with the cast of the Broadway Musical Hamilton and inappropriately singled out a member of the audience for a lecture? You see, he had his own grievances to air, so to hell with theater etiquette. His target was VP-elect Mike Pence who paid a ton of money to see the performance with his family. Predictably, the liberal media snatched up Dixon to help perpetuate more anti-Trump rhetoric, all in a pitiful attempt at bolstering their failing networks.

As celebrities living high on the hog continue to whimper that we don’t have a female president, the forgotten Rust Belt Deplorables’ are feeling pretty hopeful that they might better provide for their families in the near future.

Finally, in the latest bid to stop Trump, Martin Sheen and a group of industry types appeared in a PSA to convince electors to overturn the election results by not casting their votes in favor of Trump. Never mind that Americans voted in a fair and Constitutionally-based election that ended when Trump won and Clinton conceded. If this doesn’t underscore what the Intolerables are all about, I don’t know what does.

The Deplorables
Fortunately, 2016 wasn’t just about the Intolerables. It was also about the American spirit of the Deplorables who never whine, cry, or lose their self-control when elections don’t go their way. After all, they have endured 8 years of the Obama administration, as well as being called racists, Uncle Toms, homophobes, and terrorists by the Intolerables.

Yet, in spite of it all, the Deplorables chose to embraced their new name given by Hillary as their own badge of honor. They made t-shirts stating, “I’m a Proud Deplorable” and even changed their Twitter names to included the word “Deplorable.” They filled huge stadiums and vast airport runways during rallies for Trump, and their massive presence continued to be just as energized during Trump’s post-election “Thank You” tour. You will always see Deplorables proudly waving the American flag, a stark contrast to the angry, snot-nosed Intolerables who would rather burn it as they continue to wallow in their own mess.

Most importantly, the Deplorables supported Trump when the liberal news media and both political establishments said it wouldn’t matter. It did matter. And in 2016 the Deplorables took back America!

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